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1UP your Product Owner skills.

Ready to embrace your Product Owner role and design phenomenal digital experiences?


Online, self-paced Trainings

Get to know the ins, outs and beyonds of Product Ownership. Move away from sole JIRA-Backlog management and understand the full circle of Product Ownership. All to build amazing digital products.


In-Person training

Connect with fellow professionals who share your interests and join my interactive live training sessions. Engage in collaborative practice exercises, receive instant feedback, and gain valuable assistance.

Level 2: Increase confidence before building

Level 1: Be an expert Product Owner. 

Level 3: Establish Focus and Alignment


Start here!

Level 1: Be an expert Product Owner. 


Kickstart your software project


Getting started with development only

happens after we've sorted out the initial



To sort out these details, you need to figure out what features the project requires.


To figure out these necessary features, you need to understand, and be aligned, on how the desired system will work in its context.

People who have completed this program have successfully used these steps to start a software project in just 5 days. They went from having a rough idea to having a list of tasks ready to be developed.

The Content


→  Your first workshop: see the bigger picture (Event Storming and Process Discovery)

→  Your second workshop: Dive into the solution space and map out the scope (User Story Mapping)

→ Your third workshop: EPIC elaboration and breakdown

→ Your fourth workshop: Detailed story elaboration and alignment

The Result

→  Be able to kickstart your new software project in 5 days

→  Have an aligned understanding and vision of the new software idea (all noses are pointing in the same direction)

→  Achieve a first scope-baseline to use in your project management

Level 2: Increase confidence before building.


Discover the right solution


Before spending 1000s on building anything.



Make sure that you are sure you are building the right thing.

Learn the ins-and-outs on increasing your confidence, BEFORE you ever write your first piece of code.

Are you willing to bet your house on the correctness of your requirements?

The Content

→ Assumptions vs Requirements

→ Measure your confidence level

→ Increase your confidence level by Experimentation

→ Use the right tool for the right job: design a correct experiment

The Result

→ Do not waste any time on incorrect requirements.

→ Save money and time. Fail fast and learn.

Level 3: Establish Focus and Alginment


Work on the right problem


Before picking the low hanging fruit,

make sure you are in the right orchard.

Not all opportunities need to be pursued. First learn how to say NO and FOCUS on the most ESSENTIAL problems. Only by pursuing the correct problem, can the right solution be discovered and build.

Learn how to focus and why it is important. You are more successfull when doing one thing really well, then to do a 100 things on average.

The Content

→  Good and Bad product Strategy

→  Setting direction

→ Assess your current situation: Generative Research

→ Define and prioritise Opportunities

→ Manage a Product Roadmap

The Result

→ Focus and Alignment

→ Easier decisions

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